Asking the right questions is only part of the process. Understanding the answers and utilizing that information are essential in moving forward to a close. We will teach your account executives the rapport building skills necessary to open a relationship. They will develop the listening skills required to wait for all the answers. And they will learn to hear what are the key “hot buttons” or influencing factors necessary to recommending your company.

Workshop Objectives:
Active Listening is designed to create effective telephone conversation habits that will provide your account executives with the information they need to close effectively. Our RADAR© training will teach your staff to converse with the prospect to create an environment where the prospects will sell themselves by realizing what they need, why they need it, and how you can provide it for them.

A) Introduction to the program

B) What is R.A.D.A.R.©
1. Rapport Building
2. Asking About Difficulties
(Understanding What the Prospect Needs)
3. Affirmation, Credibility and Trust
(Allow the Prospect to Admit Their Needs)
4. Results

C) Why R.A.D.A.R© Works
1. The Prospect Talks about What Interests Them
2. Conversation Focuses on Needs, not Suppositions
3. The Benefits and Results Become Obtainable and Relevant

D) Asking the Right Questions
1. Where to Begin
2. Guiding the Train of Thought
3. Bridging the Gaps
4. Leading the Call Instead of Following

E) Moving Towards the Close
1. Reminding and Reinforcing the Benefits
2. Picking up the Clues
(The Prospect will Always Tell You When They are Interested)
3. Helping the Prospect Attain their Goal is Your Goal

F) Review & Summary

Your executives will master the sales questioning techniques to have clients open up to them and use the information they have gathered to guide the prospect to the closing process.

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