Public Speaking and Communication

Workshop Objectives:
Each manager and H.O.D. faces the daily challenge of presenting ideas, making and receiving suggestions, and disseminating information to both guests and staff from a wide array of cultures and backgrounds. They must be able to understand and be understood by guests who may not speak the same language and by staff who may not have the same level of education. From understanding the exact nature of a guest’s problem to training a new employee, each manager must have a command of the verbal, visual, and interactive skills necessary to succeed and communicate powerfully.

Public Speaking and Communication gives them those skills.

A) Introduction to the program

B) Creating a Commanding Presence
1. How You Look: Credibility and Professionalism
2. How You Sound: Sincerity, Tonality and Warmth
3. How You Act: Confidence, Gestures and Authority

C) Keeping the Audience on the Edge of Their Seats
1. Starting Strong: Greeting & Opening
2. Developing Audience Interaction
3. Keeping Interest
a. Generating Rapport
b. Breaking Down the Wall
4. Staying Focused: Delivering the Message Clearly and Succinctly
5. Lasting Impressions: Having Your Audience Own the Message

D) The Secrets of Great Speakers
1. Connecting to Your Audience
2. Working One-on-One
3. Nurturing Small Groups
4. Reaching Large Groups
5. Conquering Fears

E) The Challenge
1. Communications with Guests
2. Communications with Staff

F) Review & Summary

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