Reinvent the Manager

(A Two-Day Workshop)

Day 1: The Art of Management

Workshop Objectives:
Managers are a most important link between your company and your team. They must see that every client is satisfied and every client need is met. And they must create and develop a team that achieves this level of customer satisfaction with enthusiasm, energy and pride. Problems must be averted, mistakes must be corrected, and the team must be unified behind your company’s mission and goals.

Reinventing The Manager provides your managers with the proven effective tools to succeed.

A) Introduction to the Program

B) Leadership
1. Redefining Yourself as a Leader
2. Leadership by Example
3. Going Beyond an Individuals Preprogrammed Success Strategy
4. Breaking Out of the Box and Creating Higher Standards

C) Getting the Most from Your People
1. Defining the Team: Inspiring Vision
2. Building the Team: Ownership of Problems and Their Resolution
3. Earning Respect
a. Creating Loyalty
b. Commitment to Team Objectives
4. Maintaining Unity
a. Eliminating Individual Agendas
b. Operating as a Unified Whole

D) Being an Inspiring Leader
1. Generating Enthusiasm: Secrets of Great Leadership
2. Creating Momentum: Taking the Extra Step – Again and Again
3. Sharing Credit
a. Putting Your Team in the Spotlight
b. Instilling Pride for a Job Well Done
4. Positive Reinforcement: Having Your Team Continually Believe in Themselves and Their Objectives

Day 2: The Art of Being a Manager

Workshop Objectives:

Every company strives to offer its customers/clients a unique blend of service and satisfaction. Your company team must attempt to accommodate every new client while remaining attuned to the needs and whims of every existing client. And they must ensure that the two do not clash. Managers must hire appropriately, train effectively, observe frequently, evaluate carefully, and problem solve constantly. Each is a difficult task unto itself, but to do them all, while maintaining the respect and control of the staff and the confidence of the clients requires very special skills.

Reinventing The Manager teaches your managers how to handle each task with confidence and solve each problem with expedience, while earning the respect of their team and maintaining the constant satisfaction of their clients.

E) Being a Teacher, a Mentor and a Coach
1. Guiding the Novice: Orientation of New Staff
2. Encouraging the Experienced: Praise for Performance
3. Sharing the Wealth: Perform and Promote

F) Creating and Controlling Your Team
1. The Hiring Process
2. The Evaluation Process
3. Discipline and Respect

G) Successful Problem Solving
1. Understanding What Might Happen
2. Recognizing What Has Happened
3. Ownership and Accountability
4. Solutions to Optimum Satisfaction
5. Preventative Maintenance

H) Review & Summary

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