Award Winning Customer Service

(1/2 Day Workshop)

Workshop Objectives:
A spa is more than a specific service. It is an escape, a safe haven to relax, think, enjoy being pampered, or just do nothing. The spa staff must obviously be professional in their service. But the customer deserves more. The staff must understand that the experience, not just the product, is the ultimate measure of customer satisfaction. And the experience starts with the guest’s first impression, focuses on the service, and is enhanced and nurtured by the atmosphere, the mood, and the environment. And can, if properly handled, forever be remembered by the guest as something wonderful.

Award Winning Customer Service will guide your spa staff on how to create lasting, memorable impressions of an experience that not only met your guest’s expectations, but went well beyond.

A) Introduction to the program

B) Going Beyond Facials & Massage
1. What You were Hired to Do
2. What You are Expected to Do
3. What the Guests Expect You to Do

C) Creating a Spa Experience: Understanding Customer Needs
1. First Impressions and Lasting Impressions
2. Creating the Environment
3. Defining the Atmosphere and Mood
4. Sustaining the Event
5. Imprinting the Impression

D) Knowledge = Impression = Service = Sales
1. Learning What your Guests Want
2. Demonstrating You Understand their Needs
3. Exceeding Their Expectations
4. Upselling Additional Experiences (Not Products!)

E) Review & Summary

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