Marketing: Make Your Marketing Efforts Twice as Effective at Half of the Cost

AAA Training for SuccessGet a free report on highly effective, often under utilized ways to get additional businesses with high ROI. Every business has numerous ways to generate new businesses and this report will cover 21 tools a business can use to get more sales. Most businesses rely on only one or two ways to generate sales.

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Before you spend another dollar on advertising, be positive that the results you get are worth every penny.

Have you found that your marketing efforts do not have the impact you had expected? Is your advertising budget increasing but your sales are decreasing? Learn how to make the most out of your marketing and advertising campaign without going broke.

Training For Success has continuously helped hundreds of companies increase their sales and maximize their profits by getting quality leads to flow into the sales department while minimizing costs.

Our approach to powerful marketing and advertising will without doubt benefit you and your business. If we can help you, it could represent thousands or tens of thousands of dollars that you can put in the bank. Money that you can invest, money that you can enjoy.

After only two meetings, we have added new wholesale clients, and developed a special promotional program that generates more repeat business.
– Ed Lee, Photographics Unlimited
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My sales have improved after only a few sessions with you! You are a goldmine of information about how to generate more and better prospects.
– Jann Jasper, Jasper Productivity Solutions

Our approach to powerful and cost effective marketing and advertising is based on three key principles:

Put yourself in your prospects shoes, think like your prospect and learn what experience your prospect wants. Be your prospect!

Target each and every promotional message to the maximum number of qualified prospects. Avoid wasting money promoting your product and services to people that are not highly likely to buy.

Test, Test, Test. The purpose of testing is to develop maximum performance from every marketing effort. It’s shocking how few people ever test any aspect of their marketing, and ultimately waste valuable marketing resources. Your marketing ideas, opinions and offers need to be put to a vote by the only people whose ballots counts – prospects and customers.

Each and every marketing approach we take keeps those three principles in mind in order to assure you the biggest return on your marketing dollar. To achieve that goal we utilize numerous marketing and advertising tools to increase both sales and profits:

• Referral Generation
• Target Direct Mail
• Telemarketing
• Strategic Alliances
• Mail Order
• Backend Sales
• Joint Ventures
• Sales Staff
• Internet
• Advertising Effectively
• Licensing
• Public Relations

Results are measured by increasing new customers, generating larger transactions and having each customer return more frequently.

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