The Art & Science of Selling

Workshop Objectives:
Learn the techniques that will allow you to control a sales call. Refine your ability to increase your close efficiency, reach your quotas and lead more prospects to buy. Strengthen your presentation.

A) The Art of the Sales Call
1. Friendly Rapport Building Techniques
2. 11 Ways to Gain your Prospect’s Attention in Seconds and Make a Good Impression
3. Four Sets of Questions which Develop Trust and Uncover your Prospect’s Needs
4. The One Essential Technique to Handle any Objection
5. Eight Steps to Reveal the Hidden Reasons that Keep a Prospect from Buying
6. Four-Part Technique to Highlight the Benefits of Your Product Over the Competition
7. Ten Different Closes for Powerful Results

B) The Art of Leading the Prospect to Buy
1. Eight Ways to Prove Product Value and Quality
2. Four Steps To Teach Reps to Sell Product Benefits Rather than Features
3. 21 Ways to Make Your Presentations Unique and Memorable
4. Three Techniques That Will Make Sales Reps Better Listeners
5. Three-Point System to Increase the Number of Cold Calls Sales Reps Make by at Least 20%
6. Seven Ways to Handle the Most Common Objections

C) Building People Skills and Honing the Presentation
1. How to See Yourself from the Prospect’s Viewpoint
2. The Seven Most Common Reasons People Justify Purchasing and How to Use Them as Triggers
3. How to Use Networking to Gain Qualified Prospects
4. Finding the Emotional “Hot Buttons” for Every Purchase
5. Ten Advanced Closing Techniques to Increase Sales Percentages
6. Developing a Sales Presentation

D) Review & Summary

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