Retail Sales Training

(1 Day Workshop)

Workshop Objectives:
Your gift shops are more than a convenience store. It is a place where guests can find gifts, amenities, clothing, souvenirs, information, and memories. And your gift shop staff must do more than ring up purchases. They must also suggest gifts, recommend amenities, provide information, and enhance the memories of every guest they encounter.

Stellar Sales Training will give your gift shop staff the tools to be better salespeople, the skills to be better memory-makers, and the understanding that success is based on customer satisfaction, and when the customer is happy, everyone wins. Every time.

A) Introduction to the program

B) Being a Professional
1. Being a Cashier: Going Beyond Ringing Up Orders
2. Being a Salesperson: Having the Guest Take Home Memories
3. Being a Shopping Guide: Fulfilling Guests Needs
4. Being a Customer Service Rep: Sharing the Experience

C) Taking Charge of Customer Service
1. Novice: Making a Simple Sale
2. Intermediate: The Difference between Browsing and Shopping
3. Advanced: Turning “We don’t have” into “Let me show you”
5. Expert: Everyone Leaves the Gift Shop Smiling

D) Essentials of Communication
1. Understanding Your Customer
2. Body Language
3. Expression and Attitude
4. Verbal Skills
5. Gift Shop Excellence: The Little Things Mean So Much

E) Review & Summary

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