Telephone Sales Skills

By interviewing each of your staff we will uncover the speaking habits that interfere with sales success. We will recognize and commend the existing habits that are most effective, and guide your account executives towards eliminating the potential problem areas. The end result, a more polished and professional telephone presence.

Workshop Objectives:

Each of your account executives faces the daily challenge of presenting a very specific product to decision makers who frequently have limited time and undefined interest in your products. Your executives must be able to present information that creates interest quickly, professionally, clearly and succinctly. They must do so in a manner that both captures your prospect’s attention and satisfies their needs. Proper vocabulary, clear diction and precise tonal control will help your account executives establish the atmosphere and interaction necessary to successfully begin a relationship with your company.

A) Introduction to the Program

B) Creating a Strong First Impression
1. Being Professional but Not Pushy
2. Being Confident but Not Arrogant
3. Being Accommodating but Not a Pushover

C) Every Word is Important
1. Planning Before You Call
2. Thinking Before You Speak
3. Making Sure Every Word Hits the Mark
4. Knowing When to Stop Talking

D) The Breath of Success
1. How You Sound vs. How You Think You Sound
2. Using Your Voice vs. Straining Your Throat
3. Determining the Sounds You Want
4. Creating the Sounds You Need
5. Breathing: The Fuel for Successful Speaking

E) The Speed Zone
1. How Fast is Too Fast
2. Enthusiasm vs. Lack of Confidence
3. Building and Controlling Momentum

F) Review & Summary

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